Why GutterShutter Is The Best Gutter Guard On The Market

Gutter guards are an essential feature when it comes to safeguarding your roofing system. They aid in keeping out leaves and debris from your gutter system while allowing the rainwater to flow. But with the market saturated with different gutter guards, how can you ensure you make the best selection?

The gutter shutter is a leading solution if you are looking for the best gutter guards. Below are some of the benefits you are bound to enjoy if you settle for the gutter shutter:

Gutterilla’s All-In-One Seamless Gutter & Cover System in Austin TX
Gutterilla’s All-In-One Seamless Gutter & Cover System in Austin TX

Gutter Installation

The gutter shutter system is a straightforward install. It has a snug fit beneath the drip edge and never touches or restricts the shingles.


The shutters are made from sturdy .032-gauge premium aluminum, but it is the design that makes the gutter shutter a leader on the market.

Design-wise, the gutter shutter system is installed at an incline, with the back set high to ensure a steady water flow. And with the gutter being six inches deep, there is enough room for the water to flow without spilling over even during the hardest of rains.

Moreover, the gutter cover includes flow reducers that slow down the flowing water, allow for a smooth flow over curved edges into the gutter while letting the debris that can cause clogging to fall to the ground. The entire system is held together by a novice 5-point mounting system that stabilizes the gutters and ensuring the gutter guard holds firmly in place.

Gutter Colors

The gutter shutter system is available in various colors. We have a range of 15 colors to choose from, ensuring that you find an option that compliments your home’s roof and exterior.


With the debris kept out of the gutters, maintenance is less of a hustle. Experts recommend cleaning the gutter exteriors once a year by spraying it gently with water. The cleaning will help preserve the gutter’s look for years.


You can buy gutter shutter systems with three warranties, with a 100% guarantee, fully transferable, and never prorated.

  • i). With the No Clogging Warranty, you are guaranteed the system will never clog.
  • ii). With the Never Pull Off Warranty, you are assured the system will stay intact, firmly affixed to the fascia.
  • iii). The Finish Warranty gives you a 20-year guarantee the sun-baked enamel is durable; thus, it will not crack, blister, chip, or peel.

If you encounter an issue with any of the three warranties, the gutter guard installer should correct it at no extra charge.



The gutter shutter system install’s quality results are a product of certified installation professionals that guarantee top-notch workmanship.

Get in touch with Gutterilla today to discover more about gutter guards and why Gutter Shutter is the best. We are certified Gutter Shutter installation experts.

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