What homeowners need to know about gutter guards Austin.

A guide on how to find the ideal Austin gutter guards for your house.

Gutter guards have an important functional role of maintaining proper drainage of runoff water from the roof to areas far from the vicinity of the foundation of the house. Additionally, gutter guards are an important maintenance feature for house gutters to trap unwanted debris, leaves and other material that clog the gutter and the drain pipes and reduce the number of times we have to clean the gutters.

Say goodbye to clogged gutters for life with Gutterilla’s gutter guards!

Selecting the appropriate gutter guards can be painstakingly challenging and confusing especially if you live in Austin where the environmental conditions are distinct and there are many alternatives for gutter guards in the market.

Much as all gutter guards are designed for a singular objective, not all gutter guards are efficient and dependable for the intended purposes. To the contrary, many customers are frustrated by unnecessary repair/replacements costs to unclog defective gutters and drainpipes and as well as house foundations.

Following interaction with our customers, most clients want to know if indeed gutter guards work, the useful life of gutter guards (after how long will they need replacement?) and the best maintenance plans on how to clean gutter, among other important questions.

Here, we want to shed more light on how to select the best installation services for gutter guards and services in Austin. We discuss common challenges homeowners face when selecting the best Austin gutter guard installation company. We also address most of the frequently asked queries by our customer base and more.

So, what are gutter guards?

Appreciating the role of gutter guards is the 1st step in our journey to determine the ideal gutter guard for your house based on the size, type and architectural design of the house and the local weather patterns where the house is located.

A gutter guard is an innovative product in the form of a mesh material that is fixed on top of gutters to trap unwanted matter such as leaves and branches, debris and grit from the roof and allowing rainwater to fall on the trough of the gutter for direction.

Among many roles of gutter guards, gutter guards should help the homeowner reduce the frequency of cleaning the gutter system including the drainpipe to remove clogging material like debris and leaves. Gutter guards are designed to make sure the entire gutter drainage system function flawlessly is required.

Gutterilla's Austin Gutter Guards & Covers
Gutterilla’s Austin Gutter Guards & Covers

Hazards Caused by Clogged Gutters

Organic and inorganic matter such as tree leaves and branches, pine needles, debris are the main impediments to normal water drainage through the gutter system. Clogged gutters are unable to drain the amount of water that runs off from the roof away from the foundation of the house.

The more they pile-up of the clogging material the less the capacity of the gutter to achieve its desired functions.

The poorly drained water runs down falling on the immediate ground surrounding the house. With time, the soil around the foundation soaks and alters the weight and pressure the soil exerts on the foundation. Additionally, the soaking and drying of the soil during alternating dry and wet seasons cause movement of soil particles and father weaken the foundation.

Weight variation of the soil weakens the foundation and will eventually allow water intrusion into the foundation – a cause for major structural weakness of the foundation and house failure.

How Clogged Gutters Damage Your House

Damaged Foundation:

Poorly-drained roof water is the leading cause of water damage to a house especially the foundation and the walls. The poorly-drained water collects around the base of the house and saturates all that soil that lays next and against the foundation.

Wet soil weighs more and exerts pressure on the walls of the foundation causing the foundational structure of the house to bend, develop cracks or allow water seepage to other sections of the house such as the floor and the house walls.

Damage to the Exterior Walls & Fascia Board:

If your gutters are clogged, water will overflow and soak the fascia board lying adjacent to the gutters and will also soak the external walls of the house. Unchecked soaking causes decay of wood, growth of mold, loss of paint and general deterioration of the fascia board and the walls.

There is also a real risk of developing a leak in your attic which affects the insulation role of the attic space and affects temperature balance inside the house.

Damage to the Gutter Itself:

Accumulation of clogging matter greatly increases the weight on the gutter system. If the gutters are lightly fixed, the added weight pulls away from the gutter from the house creating a space between the gutter and the fascia board where rainwater to falls through.

Too much weight on the gutters may cause the gutter to completely detach from the fascia board posing as a safety hazard from falling objects. Furthermore, stagnant water will lead to a loss of paint and may cause rusting of the gutters.

Infestation Caused by Stagnant Water:

Stagnant water provides an active breeding ground for mosquitos, bugs, termites and other stinging insects. Clogged gutters are the main hindrance to proper water drainage around the house resulting in accumulation of water pools from the motionless water.

What Materials Can Clog Gutters?

The guttering system is a housing design that has existed for thousands of years to safeguard the housing structure from damage caused by rainwater. Sadly, without a guard, gutters collect rainwater together with washed-up materials ranging from leaves to small rocks and soil particles. With time, most of these materials get stuck and build up within the gutter hindering water flow.

Additionally, it is important to note that the climatic and the environmental setting of the area affects the nature, type and quantity of clogging materials.

Clogging materials common in Austin include:

  • Fragmented shingles
  • Cones and Needles from Pine
  • Tassels from Oaks
  • Leaves
  • Materials from bird’s nests
  • Minute critters
  • Debris
  • Acorns
  • Grit from the roofing surface material of the house
  • Muck solution and mud
  • Twigs and small branches
  • Seeds and small seedlings
  • Insect Hives

Unique Considerations for the Environment of Central Texas

As obvious as it may seem to some, it is important to note the local weather patterns and the environmental conditions of where the house is situated greatly affects the design and the functionality of the gutter guards.

Large gutters are less likely to flood and overflow for houses located in those states that experience rather steady or low rainfall. In such states, you are more likely to find a proliferation of small gutters in their market for gutters.

In Austin, however, the case is different. If you have never lived in Austin, you can be sure of these three distinct occurrences to the local weather patterns:

  1. Temperatures and climates can change within a very short time,
  2. Summers are hot and the air is humid, and
  3. There are many periods of steady, heavy and long rains throughout the year

The environmental condition in Austin is unique because:

  • Strong Rainfall: In Austin, we experience very intense rainfall with heavy thunderstorms. You should expect large and heavy amounts of rain bombarding our roofs within a short period. For this reason, the ideal gutters of a typical house in Austin must be adequate in volume and remain clog-free throughout the year to ensure water runoff from the roof is drained as swiftly as possible and avert gutter overflow.
  • Catkin Tassels: Catkin tassels are tiny plant bits that are dropped by tress before the development of the leaves. Catkin tassels are small enough to block the meshwork or the screen on gutter and gutter guards. Catkin Tassels is an environmental concern that requires many homeowners in Austin to repeatedly and comprehensively clean and unclogs gutter guards more often.

Selecting the Ideal Austin Gutter Guard

When selecting the best gutter guard for your gutters, you will need a gutter guard that meets three important goals. A gutter guard that:

Is effective in preventing clogging of gutters by trapping all clogging matter before it reaches the collection surface/trough of the gutter

Does not clog itself and hinder water from falling through the guard into the collection surface of the gutter

One that accurately reflects the specific environmental and climatic concerns of the geographical location if the house. Areas with dense forest cover will require gutter guards with a different design to that of houses in deserts or plain areas.

Available Types of Gutter Guards

There are different types of gutter guards based on the design, the material and style used to make the gutter guards.

Additionally, gutter guards may be referred to using different names such as gutter shields, gutter screens, gutter filters, gutter protection and gutter covers.

All types of gutters guards have the same objective of stopping clogging and reducing the need for maintenance on gutters. The efficiency in meeting these goals is determined by practicality and suitability of the gutter guards to the environmental and nature of the house.

For this reason, poorly-selection of gutter guards will cause overflowing gutters.

Gutter Screens

Gutter screens are metal guards with small perforations for letting water pass through and are intended to sit on the upper side of the gutter.

Gutters with gutter screens often have high likelihood water overflowing because the perforations on the screen prove too big allowing needles, seeds and debris to fall through and find a way to gather on the troughs of the gutters.

Also, leaves and large debris clog the holes on the screen inhibiting water from passing through the holes. When it rains, water runoff from the roof overflows on the side of the gutters because it cannot pass through the hole of the screens.

There is only one type of gutter guard screen that Gutterilla recommends which is our solution when replacing gutters is not an option. Check out the gutter guards here.

The Gutter Brushes

Gutter brushes are an affordable preference in place of gutter protection. Gutter brushes, however, do not work effectively as other alternatives for gutter guards such as the GutterShutter System.

The Gutter Brushes are a type of a bottle brush made of tough bristles. They are placed inside the gutter trough to trap debris from gathering on the bottom of the gutter. When water runoff from the roof lands on the gutter brushed, the debris is caught between the bristles of the gutter brush while the water runs through the gutter.

With gutter brushes, the gutter will need to be cleaned regularly because the gutter brush only traps the debris from the water but cannot remove debris caught between the bristles.

The Foam Gutter Guards

The foam gutter guards resemble the gutter brush as far as the installation method and affordability is concerned. The foam gutter guard is a polyurethane foam inserted in the gutter that is porous to water but catches debris and other clogging material above the trough of the gutter.

The following are the disadvantages of Foam gutter guards

  • They are made of polyester material which wears out after some time.
  • They are porous to roof grit. The roof grit ends up on the bottom of the gutter’s trough.
  • The Foam Gutter Guards, like Gutter brushes, require regular cleaning to remove debris that accumulates on the upper side of the polyurethane foam.
  • Foam Gutter Guards drain water rather slowly and are not suitable for areas that experience high and heavy rainfall like Austin. The water on the gutter must be drained at a faster rate for areas with heavy rainfall.

There is only one type of gutter guard that Gutterilla recommends which is our solution when replacing gutters is not an option. Check out the gutter guards here.

Mesh Gutter Covers

Mesh Gutter Covers have a similar design but smaller holes compared to gutter screens. Mesh Gutter Covers do not allow debris or other clogging material to enter the gutter.

However, in times of heavy rainfall, the holes on the Mesh Gutter Covers are too limited to aid in swift drainage of water; rainwater on the roof washes over the mesh gutter covers completely missing the gutter trough.

Brand Names: LeafFilter, LeafBlaster Pro

All in One Gutter Structure

These are gutter designs that are sold together with gutter guards. The all-in-one gutter systems are time-saving for homeowners as they do not have to spend time separately searching for guards for their gutters.

It is good to note that the bracket system that fixes the gutter system to the fascia board may be unable to support the weight of the gutter together with that of the gutter guards. This is a failure likely to cause gutters to move and sagging away from the fascia board which creates a gap for roof water to pass through and will eventually fall on the ground.

Brand Names: LeafLock, SnapLock, GutterHelmet, GutterMaxx, LeafGuard

The GutterShutter™ System

We at Gutterilla recommend the GutterShutter™ System to our customers. The design feature of the GutterShutter™ System allows water molecules to adhere and clamp together to ensure all roof water is captured and well-drained away from the vicinity house.

The GutterShutter System operates seamlessly because it is wholly covered and airtight; there are no openings on the sides of the gutter. Also, there are no fillers and no screens that make it difficult to clean the internal parts of the gutter.

This gutter system is supplied in two parts, that is, the gutter and a protective gutter layering to ensure there is stronger affixing to the fascia board using the bracket system. The bracket system on this design on GutterShutter ensures the gutters do not sag or move away throughout the economic life of the gutter system.

Gutterilla’s All-In-One Seamless Gutter & Cover System in Austin TX
Gutterilla’s All-In-One Seamless Gutter & Cover System in Austin TX

Gutter Guards as a Worthy Investment

A properly installed gutter saves the homeowner massive time and money used in cleaning the gutter and other maintenance practices required to maintain the gutter working efficiently.

Cost to Clean Gutters

The cost of cleaning house gutters averages between $200-300 with each cleaning exercise. Expert advice recommends we clean our gutters at least two times in a year.

Gutters without gutter guards have very short economic life and it does not make sense to spend money each year cleaning a gutter that will need replacing sooner or later.

Hiring an Expert

Attempting to clean the gutters by yourself poses a lot of danger to the homeowner because they often lack the required expertise to affect the work with sound safety considerations. Many homeowners may choose DIY gutter cleaning in an attempt to lower the cost of the service. However, the safety risks far outweigh the cost-saving advantages.

The best cost-saving measure is to install your house with a reliable gutter guard system that eliminates clogging and also comes with a warranty to guarantee the system works clog-free during its lifespan.

It is also important to hire a company or an expert with valid insurance covers in case injuries or losses occur. You can often get a free quote. Any licensed contractor for gutter cleaning works should be insured unless you the homeowner will be willing to pay for injuries that may occur during such works such as one falling off a ladder.

At Gutterilla, we pride ourselves in the supply of gutter guard systems all around Austin to help solve clogging issue with your house gutters.

Questions and Answers Section for GutterShutter™ and Austin Gutter Guards

Do I have to Clean Gutter Guards?

The type of gutter protection system you have purchased determines if your gutter guards need cleaning or not.

The GutterShutter™ system has been made to divert roof water away and includes an innovative design that eliminates the need for cleaning.

However, Gutterilla is always committed to clean your gutters for free if for one reason or another a need arises because of problems with the gutter guards.

Gutter Cleaning Under Covers in Austin TX

How Long Will Gutter Guards Last?

Different gutter guards will last for different durations. Some last for some months while others will last for a lifetime duration of the gutter system of the house.

Foam gutters weaken over a given period also, as much as screen gutters are not effective, they will last longer than foam gutters. On the other hand, GutterShutter™ will last for the lifetime duration of the gutter system of the house.

Are Austin Gutter Guards Effective?

Efficiency level depends on the specific climate of the local area and the level of maintenance accorded to each gutter guard. Some gutter guards will work under specific climate conditions and maintenance practice while others will not work under any of conditions.

GutterShutter™ gutter guard is guaranteed to remain clog-free and will not sag away from the fascia board of the house.

What is the cost of installing gutter guards?

The cost of installing the ideal gutter guard depends on the type of gutter guard product you want to install as well as the size of the house that will be covered by the gutter.

Our gutter guard product is convenient and hustle-free because our GutterShutter™ system includes a supply of gutter guard together with the gutters during installation.

Is its advisable to get gutter guards?

Yes. With the weather and environment of the Austin area, we advise our potential customers to invest in gutter guards.

Our GutterShutter™ gutter protection system seeks to eliminate the need to regularly clean your gutters and also protects the foundation of the house from damage from water.

Can the use of gutter guards cause problems?

There are no problems caused by the ideal gutter guard system. We, however, acknowledge that some gutter guard products are likely to cause more problems than others. For instance, foam gutter covers, are very likely to support the growth of mold and mildew and young seedlings because of the capability to get wet and stay damp.

To avoid problems caused by gutter guards, one is advised to invest in a gutter guard system offering a no-clog warranty to their customers.

Is there any clogging with Gutterilla’s GutterShutter™?

No. There is no clogging with the GutterShutter™ system. This system guarantees the gutters and the guards remain clog-free over the lifespan of the system.

In case you experience clogging problems, our company is will unclog and unclog the gutters at no fee.

What kind of warranty is available at Gutterilla?

We hold ourselves, our services and products on offer to high degree of standards; we seek to impress our customers with worthy and cutting edge expertise.

Using our patented GutterStud™ application, we assure our customers that once they buy our GutterShutter™, they will not have to worry about the gutter pulling away from the fascia board at any one time.
Additionally, we guarantee a lifetime of zero clogging in your gutters.

We also guarantee to sell you a product that will function for a lifetime and the paint will not come off for the initial 50 years after purchase and installation of our GutterShutter™.

The GutterShutter™ gutter guard is made out of what material?
Gutterilla’s patented GutterShutter™ gutter guard system (All-in-One) is made purely from aluminum metal to ensure it is of lightweight and does not rust from exposure to rainwater and air.

GutterShutter™ is joined with GutterStud which is a superior bracket system to ensure the gutter system does not pull away or sag from the fascia board of the house. There is not more superior bracket system in the market than the GutterStud bracket system.

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