Stop Gutter Overflow With GutterShutters

The water falling on your roof during a heavy rain must be handled carefully during a heavy rain.

During a heavy rain, it is quite common for gutters to overflow. To prevent this, it is essential to keep your gutters free and clear, but this is just a start. You can carefully clean and clear the leaves and debris from your gutters, but there is still a chance for overflow. The best way to avoid this issue is with the installation of a first rate GutterShutter system that prevents over flow especially in times of heavy rain.

Gutterilla’s All-In-One Seamless Gutter & Cover System in Austin TX
Gutterilla’s All-In-One Seamless Gutter & Cover System in Austin TX

What is GutterShutter?

GutterShutter is an innovative solution for the collection of debris and leaves that collect in a gutter and cause overflow. Using this device, you will never again have to scale a ladder and attempt to remove all the leaves and debris from the gutters with your hands. The GutterShutter consists of a waterproof seal that runs the entire length of your structure and eliminates the problem with clogged downspouts. This prevents water from running down walls and in other areas it ought not and prevents the occurrence of molds and staining. This can keep your home’s exteriors looking bright and clean.

Unlike average rain collection systems, the GutterShutter can be applied on roofs with a steep incline or gentle slope. Water naturally flows faster on steep roofs, but the flow of water has no effects on the GutterShutter system. All the droplets of rain in the area will be collected and directed to the intended area.

How GutterShutter Works

The GutterShutter is designed to provide a completely sealed drainage system to your home’s roof. There will be no openings and therefore, debris will not be permitted to enter. Furthermore, GutterShutter uses no filters, screens or any other type of insert. Once the GutterShutter system has been properly applied, rainwater will flow around and over the system as per the laws of surface tension. Much like the way water flows down the sides of glass when it is being poured out.

This intelligent solution provides the peace of mind that your roof and walls will not be affected by water damage. It also ensures that the rain water from your roof will be directed to the proper area so you will not have to worry about collecting water in your property which can affect the foundation.

The GutterShutter works well in both light and heavy rainfall. Many of the superior options on the market include flow reducers that can slow the speed of water. But it is the laws of surface tension that ensure that water flows only into the gutter.

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