Easy, side-by-side comparison of Gutterilla versus the other seamless gutter & gutter guard companies serving Austin Tx.

K-Style Gutter Trough

6″ Gutter Trough – Gutterilla’s gutter has a full 6″ trough. It will carry 20% more water than competitor’s 5″ troughs. The 6″ gutter is essential for the storms we get around Austin. 

.032 Aluminum – Gutterilla installs only premium grade .032 aluminum which is thicker and stronger. The traditional gutter thickness is .019 which easily bends, sags, and shows distortion. With our premium grade thickness, we can ensure your gutters stay laser straight!

High Back Gutter Fascia and Shingle Protection Austin TX

High Back – The exclusive high back system doesn’t allow any water behind, protecting shingles and fascia from water damage and wood rot.  Other systems leave your fascia exposed and vulnerable to debris and water seeping behind the gutter.

GutterStud – 5-Point Mounting with 24″ Spacing

The GutterStud is the strongest gutter bracket in the world. Gutterilla installs two 3″ screws every 24″ (we guarantee never to pull away)! Other gutter systems use one screw to secure the gutter every 36″ to secure the gutter to the fascia board.

Gutter Downspout Splash Block Austin TX

We use a 5-point mounting system. We secure the trough to the fascia and rafter tails every 24″. Plus our GutterStud attaches to the gutter trough. Along with screws to secure the hood and the bottom and top of the gutter. 

This ensures your gutter is installed laser straight and stays laser straight forever.

Seamless Gutter Bracket Mount Austin TX

What Are The Options For Gutter Covers? The 3 Categories

If you are consider gutter guards, here is exactly what you need to know about the options out there. The good, the bad, and the ugly. After this 3 minute video you’ll be able to make smarter choice, regardless of who you hire.

GutterShutter Hood

Gutterilla’s All-in-One systems has a trough, stud & hood. This GutterShutter rolled hood installs under the drip edge. Other gutter covers install under the shingle which will void roof warranties. It screws into the exclusive high back gutter so it cannot be blown off in high winds.

Gutter Hood Drip Edge Installation Austin Tx

The hood has 8-Flow reducers including strategic perforations in the hood to capture and slow water. The gutter guard then uses liquid adhesion to suck water into the trough under the lip.

ZipCap – Full Face Screw Secured

Gutter Trough End Cap Austin Tx

The zip cap screws right to a GutterStud and will never come off. Competitor solutions are crimped into place and can easily fall off.

The ZipCap is a one piece solution that also caps off the GutterShutter hood so that no debris sneaks in. Competitor covers don’t have a hood cap, or it is a second piece that can easily fall off & let debris in.

GutterShutter is Maintenance Free

Competitor gutter guard systems include a *FREE* brush. Their systems require regular maintenance. The guard is not self-cleaning. It clogs with all the small debris, pollen, and grows algae. This causes water to sheet over the guard, avoiding your gutter trough & downspouts.

Leaf Filter Gutter Guard Austin TX

Our 5-screw GutterStud bracket system supports the trough and hood. This competitor guard has a 1-screw system. The trough is not supported, which allows it to sag, and catch debris. Worse yet, their system is 1-piece so the hood is not removable so it cannot be cleaned.

Leaf Guard Gutter Austin TX

Gutterilla’s system has a removable hood without replacing the whole system. Plus, we back our system with a lifetime – No Clog warranty. We guarantee our gutters will Never Sag or Pull Away from the home.

Gutterilla’s Uses Our Wide Mouth Funnel Outlet.

Our wide mouth funnel gets the water out faster. Plus, if debris ever does make it’s way into the gutter trough, it can easily flush out of the system.

Gutter Downspout Outlet Size Austin TX

We Eliminate the Water & Debris Blocking Lip.

The traditional debris & water blocking lip means that when debris gets in your gutter, it cannot easily get out. We use a lip free funnel which doesn’t block anything from flushing to the downspout.

Gutter Downspout Outlet Lip Austin TX

Gutterilla’s Downspouts Are Not Under Sized

In the Austin area, when it rains, it often floods. We can see torrential downpours of a couple inches in an hour. To best manage the water and prevent clogging, we only use 3″ x 4″ downspouts.


Dumping Water At Your Foundation is Mal-Practice!

We don’t just dump rainwater at your foundation onto a little splash block. That will cause foundation damage. Our goal is to get the water 7-10 feet away from your foundation with downspout extensions.

Depending on the slope of your yard, we may have to use underground extensions to move the water far enough that it doesn’t flow back toward your foundation.

Why Gutters Fail & How Does It Cause Costly Damage?