Gutter downspout extensions are essential for directing rainwater away from your home’s foundation in the Austin Tx area.

What are Gutter Downspout Extensions?

When it rains your gutters capture water. This water then flows into the downspouts that direct the water away from your home. But, some downspouts don’t move the water far enough away from your home’s foundation or crawlspace. When this happens, the water over-saturates the soil around the foundation. Over-saturated soil eventually causing soil erosion and foundation cracking

In the places where your existing downspouts or splash blocks do not divert the water far enough away from your foundation, gutter extensions can be installed. Gutter extensions are attached to your downspouts to assist in directing rainwater away from your home’s foundation. 

Gutter Downspout Installation for when Yards are Not Graded Right

Gutter Downspout Splash Block Austin TX
Gutter Downspout Splash Block Austin TX

Which Downspout Extension is Best for Austin TX?

Selecting the best downspout extension depends on your property’s layout, slope, and other needs. Plus, we factor in the aesthetic with the volume of rain you typically get when choosing the right extension.

Effective Gutter Extensions

Gutterilla uses two types of gutter extensions for effective results.

  • Underground downspout extension (above):  Gutterilla connects gutter downspouts to a discharge line. That line goes underground so that water flow is sloped away from your foundation. Then the water exits via a Pop-Up escape. This option is great for those who want to control where roof water drains. Underground downspouts can direct the water 10 to 50 feet away depending on land slope. The disadvantage of underground extensions is if your house is built on limestone instead of clay. If you are in West Austin on limestone, installing underground extensions requires jackhammering, which can add significant cost. 

RainChute (left) and the RainChute EZ (right) downspout extensions.

  • RainChute EZ™ downspout extension (right): This proprietary extension shuts water either four feet or seven feet away from your foundation. The RainChute EZ™ are perfect when slope is not of concern.
  • RainChute downspout Extension (left): is our lawnmower friendly extension that is installed so the drain edges are flush with the ground.

Do you need Gutter Extensions? Here is how to know.

Reasons why you will need to have gutter extensions installed:

 The slope of your yard does not naturally direct water away from your house.

By dumping water directly below your gutter, the grade of your yard must be strong enough to naturally direct water away from your foundation. But most older homes in the Austin area do not have properly sloped yards. New homes have to comply with new grading building codes, so this is less of an issue. For homes with improper grading, water is not pulled away from your foundation, it can back flow to your home, and it can stay stagnant. These problems can lead to eventual foundation damage.

You get heavy rainfall when it does rain.

In Austin, when it does rain, we usually get a heavy rain storm in a very short timeframe. This results in huge amounts of water to exit via downspouts. Often this is too much for a splash block to handle. Gutter extensions take the extra step to ensure roof water is properly directed away from your foundation.

Your existing gutter downspouts are damaging your landscape.

When water exits downspouts it can cause erosion of your soil, harm flower beds, and landscaping. Properly installed downspout extensions helps direct water away from these areas.

You want to control your home’s water management

You may just want more control over how your home’s rainwater is managed. Gutter extensions will help you control the water at your home.


Gutter Downspout Extension FAQ

How far away from the house should your gutter extension go?

The length of the downspout extension will depend on the slope of your property.

A properly graded yard will go 6 inches down every 10 feet. If your yard is properly graded, your gutter extensions can be shorter. However, improper sloped yards result in the need for much longer gutter extensions. 

You want the gutters to drain where the land allows for the water to flow away from the house naturally.

What do downspout extensions cost?

Gutter extensions cost depend on the type of system chosen, the length of the extension, soil type (jackhammering limestone costs more than digging clay), and the exit option.

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