What To Do When Gutters Pull Away From Your Roof?

If you notice some of your gutters pulling away from the roof, treat this situation as a major emergency. This gap between gutters and roofing will prevent rain water from draining as it should. Such drainage failures may lead to water and debris building up and clogging your gutters.

Gutter Pulling Away From The House in Austin TX
Gutter Pulling Away From The House in Austin TX

What Is The Cause Of Gutters Separating From The Roof?

Improper gutter installation is the most encountered cause of gutters pulling away from the roof. Unfortunately, way too many homeowners rely on their friends to install gutters and other elements, in order to avoid paying the high fees of licensed and certified professional workers. Most of them sadly end up paying a lot more on longer term. As the roofing of your house is the most important protection element, it comes without saying that you should only hire certified builders to install it. They have both the tools and the knowledge required to do a great job and to ensure that you don’t risk to have your warranties on materials void.

Sometimes, because of water, leaves and debris, the gutters can pull away from the fascia. The fascia is the area that covers the rafters on your roof and it should always be tightly attached to the gutters. However, the weight of accumulated debris can make gutters sag.

Sectional gutters that are connected with fasteners are the most prone to pulling away, particularly if they weren’t properly fastened. Too many seams may lead to the separation of some of these sections. Improper hanger spacing may also promote sagging gutters, thus applying too much pressure on fasteners. The best way to prevent water buildup is to pitch the gutter the right way during installation. It’s worth mentioning here that seamless gutters eliminate this problem.

How To Repair Pulling Gutters

If the damaged fasteners are the cause of gutters pulling away, you should hire a skilled worker to reinstall all the brackets. Also, when hangers and brackets are too far away, you need a certified professional to address this issue. Both these situations may involve the drilling of new holes and the covering of old ones.

The best method to prevent gutters from pulling away is to have the properly installed from the very beginning. Also, by performing annual inspections, you can prevent your gutters from clogging. Contacy us now to see how we can help you!

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