Gutterilla was founded by Shawn Mansur, the owner of Stellrr Insulation and Dumposaurus Dumpsters.

As an insulation contractor Shawn frequently had prospective clients calling with issues that result from bad rainwater management.

Shawn would see homes with mold in the wall insulation, foundation damage, wet crawl spaces, and more. The root cause of these issues is often poor gutter systems or no gutter system.

To help clients get their gutter problems solved, Shawn tried working with several Austin gutter contractors. Unfortunately, each system seemed to have major flaws.  

As is the case in each of Shawn’s entrepreneurial ventures, he went out in search of the best gutter solution for his clients. What Shawn found stands head and shoulders above the other solutions on the market – the GutterShutter.

Shawn learned that GutterShutter was not being offered in the Austin area. Shawn knew that if he wanted his clients to have the best solutions, he was going to have to make it available to them. So in the middle of the COVID pandemic, Shawn decided to start Gutterilla.

You can learn more about GutterShutter here.

C About Gutterilla - Seamless & Guards Installation of Austin TX
About Gutterilla – Seamless & Guards Installation of Austin TX

We Believe

We believe in providing the best possible solution to our customers. We believe in proposing the right way to fix the problem. Even though the right way of doing things is usually more of an investment up front. We don’t believe in giving temporary solutions to a long term problem. We believe in providing solutions that will fix the problem for life.

Conscious Capitalism

Gutterilla actively is involved with non-profits locally in Austin and worldwide. In Austin we provide in-kind donations of gutter services to churches and various organizations to help those who cannot help themselves.  Gutterilla also supports organizations that create sustainable food, farms and water wells in developing nations and rebuild the environment.

Where it is not cost-prohibitive we donate, reuse, and recycle materials as allowed by the client and government officials.

Core Values

Gutterilla’s values are at the core of all we do, so we are not the right fit for everyone. If you do not respect our core values, you should not hire us to work on your rain water gutter system.  No intent to be unkind, but rather upfront about whom we are and what drives our team.

  • Nothing less than ecstatic clients
  • Provide unique first-class experiences
  • Engage via stories and coaching
  • Protect and preserve the blessing
  • Small details are huge
  • Be quick, but don’t hurry
  • 1. God, 2. Family, 3. Work
  • Think SAFETY first

Did you notice how low-prices is not one of our core values?  To deliver on our brand promise & maintain our core values, we have more expenses than the low price Austin gutter contractors. Instead we provide Value, Innovation, and Protection, and it is not right for everyone. We will however, always quote you our best and lowest price the first time.