Protecting Your Home’s Foundation with a proper gutter & drainage system.

Prevent structural damage to your home’s foundation with these important tips from Gutterilla, the experts in gutters and drainage solutions in Austin.

Foundation Damage Water Drainage Austin TX
Foundation Damage from Water Drainage

If you are hoping your foundation will stand strong against the rains and waters common here in Texas, you will need the best drainage and gutter solutions you can find. Did you know that improper drainage systems and poorly channeled rain water are some of the most common causes of foundation failures?

At Gutterilla, we provide gutter solutions that protect your foundations by preventing the type of oversaturation that leads to foundational problems. As the ground surrounding the foundation becomes saturated with water, the additional pressure on the foundation is applied in ways the structure was not intended to support. The result can be serious damage.

Let’s take a closer look at what kind of damage rainwater can have on your foundation and why the application of gutters and drainage solutions is so very important in water proofing your home in Austin.

How Is Your Home’s Foundation Affected By Water?

Many people assume that the first type of damage will be water in the basements, but this is only one problem and not necessarily the most important. Excessive water around the foundation can have a variety of effects and can lead to serious damage later on down the road.

Here are the three most important ways that water can have a negative impact on your home’s foundation:

1. Hydrostatic Pressure

Foundations are built to hold the weight of the entire house for a full lifetime, but they are not structurally strong against the additional weight of thousands of pounds of pressure from water soaking through the ground.

And this is exactly what a foundation will have to withstand if the draining solutions that are supposed to carry rainwater away are not in perfect working conditions. As the water drains down into the ground it accumulates in large quantities around the foundation and oversaturates the soil. Oversaturated soils is far heavier than regular soil and places an additional thousand pounds of pressure on your foundation. This specific type of pressure is called hydrostatic pressure.

Once the hydrostatic pressure on the foundation reaches a critical point, the foundations will begin to bow inwards and this can result in cracks along the walls. These cracks can allow water to seep inside and cause extensive water damage in the interior as well.

2. Expansive Soil

Central Texas sits on a lot of Central Texas Red Clay and this is an expansive type of soil. As their name implies, expansive soils get larger as they are moistened and then shrink again when they dry out. This change in form will have a profound effect on your central Texas property.

When the clay is wet, it will expand and place undue pressure on the walls of your foundation, leading to bowing. Then when it dries again during the next drought, the soil shrinks back and this can lead to settlement.

3. Soil Erosion

In addition to the added weight of water and soil expansion, water damage can also cause problems for your foundations through soil erosion. If water from roofs and subterranean springs begin to wash around your foundation, they can wash away the soil supporting the foundation. As this soil slowly erodes the effects will be seen in your building’s architecture.

Some of the more noticeable signs of this will include:

  • Tilting chimneys
  • Sticking windows
  • Unlevel floors
  • Doors that won’t shut
  • Drywall cracks

How to Protect Foundations from Water?

The primary way to ensure that your foundations are protected from erosion and foundation damage will be to make sure water is not allowed to soak into the ground. Here are some of the reasons that the ground around your home may become drenched or soaked with water. You will also find some solutions that you can consider applying to prevent these problems.

1. Inadequate Gutter & Gutter Drainage System

The reasons we have gutters and drainage systems is to keep the water from soaking into the foundation and causing damage. Nevertheless, if these gutters are leaking, clogged or otherwise damaged, they will not be doing the work they are supposed to and will not stand up to the rain storms we experience here in Central Texas. If your gutters and drains are not diverting water away from the home, then your home’s foundation is already being damaged.

There are some important points to consider when installing a gutter that will make a difference.

  • Strong Bracket System – these keep the gutters snug and tight up against the roof and ensure that all water from the roof will be collected properly.
  • Proper size – ensures that the all water being carried away fits inside the gutter and drainage system

2. Improper Grading

Improper grading will ensure that all the water in the vicinity is directed to your foundation and can undermine the foundation. Because water only flows in one direction, the water collected around your home will flow down toward your foundation. This can add to the water collecting below the foundation and threaten the sub-structures.

One good way to avoid this issue is by re-sloping and landscape grading services. When the terrain is leveled in a way to keep water away from your home, the foundation will be naturally protected from this type of problem.

3. Why You Should Consider Gutterilla Gutter Drainage Solutions?

If you have been having problems with your gutter system overflowing, consider protecting your home and foundation with a top-notch gutter system. This will avoid problems in the future as it will protect your gutters from the large amounts of debris that can fall inside and cause serious problems.

At Gutterilla, we apply the GutterShutter™ system recommended by the experts. This specially designed gutter protection system will resist debris and ensure that your gutter is always kept in perfect function directing water away from your home. This is the only product of its kind in the market and applies one-of-a-kind liquid adhesion to ensure all water is captured.

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