Exploring the Differences Between Traditional and Seamless Gutters

Many people that hear about seamless gutters don’t know how they are different from traditional gutters; other than that, they don’t have seams. Without understanding the major differences between these products, it’s tough determining what the benefits of seamless gutters are. That’s why we decided to outline the key differences between traditional gutters and seamless gutters. That way, people can consider how the products will impact their gutter installation and whether spending extra for seamless gutters makes sense for them. 

Home Protection

Gutters are meant to direct water away from your home for protection. Both traditional and seamless gutters effectively divert water when they’re installed properly. Seamless gutters leave fewer spots for water to flow through and do damage to your home. Traditional gutters come with many joints, while seamless gutters only have joints at downspouts and corners. If you want the highest level of protection for your house, you can benefit by using seamless gutters. 

Gutter Length Matters

Traditional gutters are built out of many different pieces put together and can be extended as long as you need them to be. Seamless gutters are only beneficial on homes with sections smaller than 40 feet in length; when you go longer than that, you need special expansion joints installed, and this does away with many of the major benefits. Always consider the length of your home or commercial building before deciding which type of gutters is best for you. 

Differences in Maintenance Requirements

Traditional gutters have more ridges and catch points in them. This causes leaves and other debris to get snagged often and means you’ll have to climb up and clean your gutters out annually. Seamless gutters don’t have this issue and are more likely to remain clean throughout the year. This reduces your maintenance and makes life easier, so you have less to worry about over time. 

Installation Differences

Many homeowners can install their own gutters when using traditional gutters. They come in many pieces and are put up in one small section at a time. This makes them easier to manage than seamless gutters. A seamless gutter installation involves putting up massive sections that all go on at one time. They require teams of professionals and are difficult to install properly.  Seamless gutters should always be installed by a professional, and this will give you long-lasting durability. During installation, you’ll have to choose which materials you want to use for your gutters. Most are made from aluminum for their lightweight performance and weather-resistance, but there are other options as well. Experts can help you choose the right materials for whatever project you are facing. 

Traditional gutters are very different from seamless gutters, and you can only choose the option that will work best for you once you understand those differences. 

You can learn more about the specifics of seamless gutters by visiting https://www.gutterilla.com and reading through the specifications or contacting the company. 


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