Gutter Protection FAQ

GutterShutter and Gutter Guards

Do I have to Clean Gutter Covers?

The type of gutter protection system you have purchased determines if your gutter guards need cleaning or not.

The GutterShutter™ system has been made to divert roof water away and includes an innovative design that eliminates the need for cleaning.

However, Gutterilla is always committed to clean your gutters for free if for one reason or another a need arises because of problems with the gutter guards.

How Long Will Gutter Covers Last?

Different gutter guards will last for different durations. Some last for some months while others will last for a lifetime duration of the gutter system of the house.

Foam gutters weaken over a given period also, as much as screen gutters are not effective, they will last longer than foam gutters. On the other hand, GutterShutter™ will last for the lifetime duration of the gutter system of the house.

Are Gutter Covers Effective?

Efficiency level depends on the specific climate of the local area and the level of maintenance accorded to each gutter guard. Some gutter guards will work under specific climate conditions and maintenance practice while others will not work under any of conditions.

GutterShutter™ gutter guard is guaranteed to remain clog-free and will not sag away from the fascia board of the house.

What is the cost of installing gutter covers?

The cost of installing the ideal gutter guard depends on the type of gutter guard product you want to install as well as the size of the house that will be covered by the gutter.

Our gutter guard product is convenient and hustle-free because our GutterShutter™ system includes a supply of gutter guard together with the gutters during installation.

Is its advisable to get gutter covers?

Yes. With the weather and environment of the Austin area, we advise our potential customers to invest in gutter guards.

Our GutterShutter™ gutter protection system seeks to eliminate the need to regularly clean your gutters and also protects the foundation of the house from damage from water.

Can the use of gutter covers cause problems?

There are no problems caused by the ideal gutter guard system. We, however, acknowledge that some gutter guard products are likely to cause more problems than others. For instance, foam gutter covers, are very likely to support the growth of mold and mildew and young seedlings because of the capability to get wet and stay damp.

To avoid problems caused by gutter guards, one is advised to invest in a gutter guard system offering a no-clog warranty to their customers.

Is there any clogging with Gutterilla’s GutterShutter™?

No. There is no clogging with the GutterShutter™ system. This system guarantees the gutters and the guards remain clog-free over the lifespan of the system.

In case you experience clogging problems, our company is will unclog and unclog the gutters at no fee.

What kind of warranty is available at Gutterilla?

We hold ourselves, our services and products on offer to high degree of standards; we seek to impress our customers with worthy and cutting edge expertise.

Using our patented GutterStud™ application, we assure our customers that once they buy our GutterShutter™, they will not have to worry about the gutter pulling away from the fascia board at any one time.
Additionally, we guarantee a lifetime of zero clogging in your gutters.

We also guarantee to sell you a product that will function for a lifetime and the paint will not come off for the initial 20 years after purchase and installation of our GutterShutter™.

The GutterShutter™ gutter guard is made out of what material?
Gutterilla’s patented GutterShutter™ gutter guard system (All-in-One) is made purely from aluminum metal to ensure it is of lightweight and does not rust from exposure to rainwater and air.

GutterShutter™ is joined with GutterStud which is a superior bracket system to ensure the gutter system does not pull away or sag from the fascia board of the house. There is not more superior bracket system in the market than the GutterStud bracket system.