Thanks for contacting Gutterilla. We specialize in creating a permanent solution to clogged, overflowing or sagging gutters. 

The demand for Gutterilla’s services has been overwhelming.

We usually decline work with builders. Anybody can install gutters. Passing city inspection doesn’t mean it works. “They’ll keep building ’em, we’ll keep fixing ’em.”

We focus on the building science to solve rain water management problems and address the home as a system. We build custom solutions around your unique concerns, home design and property grading. 

Shawn (the founder) has a specific process to ensure each eligible client receives the level of attention required to:

     A. diagnose the problems right,
     B. propose the right solutions,
     C. and fix it right for life.

We have managed the chaos by charging for Diagnostic Consults as a pre-requisite for creating an estimate. But, too many people paid and didn’t invest the time in following the process.

Shawn doesn’t want the Diagnostic fee. He wants serious prospective clients who will help us, help them. Shawn’s unique process is designed to get us on the same page and deliver maximum results for you. 

Now we are testing something new, and exciting! We are doing a few significantly discounted or complimentary on-site diagnostics.

Here is what to do next:

1. Complete the Diagnostic Survey here:

Your survey will be reviewed to see if your challenges and goals are the right fit for us. We love a challenge, and delivering impactful results.

2. Watch the Gutter Secrets videos. You will discover what you need to know to make an informed and intelligent choice about fixing your rain water management issues. 

The link to watch the Gutter Secrets (about 20 min long) is on the Thank You page after finishing your Diagnostic Survey

If you want a “quote” from Gutterilla, great! The next step is for you to complete the Diagnostic Survey.

If Gutterilla is not the right fit for you, and you don’t want an estimate, then take no action. We know our process isn’t right for everyone. It’s okay.

Either way, we are honored you contacted us. We want to help everyone make a more intelligent and informed decision when it comes to insulation, even if you hire the other guys. Thanks for reading.

I look forward to reading your Diagnostic Survey!

With gratitude,

Shelley Mansur, Co-Owner