Reasons Why Austin Gutter Cleaning Is So Important

Gutter cleaning in Austin is a necessity for the majority of homeowners. After all, without performing the requisite gutter cleaning tasks, you will find leaves and other debris building up in your gutters over some time. This can eventually render your gutters useless. Due to the importance of your gutter and the role it plays in protecting your home from various issues like water damage, having an ineffective gutter system is likely to be very troublesome for various reasons.

Gutter Cleaning Service Austin TX

What If You Don’t Clean Your Gutters?

  • Foundation Damage – When you don’t have properly functioning gutters, your foundation can experience water damage. The entire purpose of functioning gutters is to collect the excess water that comes off your roof to avoid buildup and damage around the foundation of your home. Without having gutters in place, you will find water falling directly onto your home’s foundation which can cause oversaturation in the soil surrounding your foundation walls. This can end up resulting in your foundation walls both cracking and bowing.
  • Exterior Wall Damage – Any water that overflows from the gutters that are clogged will wrap around your home. The water will then fall continuously over your home’s exterior walls which can cause a lot of issues including mold growth.
  • Fascia Board Damage – Any resulting overflowing water is likely to fall back onto the fascia boards which can result in rotting. As this board gets deteriorated, it can cause water to leak directly from the roof which can result in water damage in both your insulation and your attic.
  • Gutter Damage – When you have excess stagnant water and other kinds of debris in your gutters, it is likely to cause your gutter system to fail. This can force it to pull away from the boards and it can result in sagging or even cracking. Along with this, any moisture in excess that results from things like rotting leaves can provide a haven for various pests including termites.

How To Properly Clean Your Gutters

As you are now well aware of how important it is to clean your gutters, you are likely wondering how to effectively clean them. Below, you will find some of the more prominent questions being asked to our Austin gutter cleaning experts.

Can I Do It Myself?

Unfortunately, cleaning gutters can be very dangerous when you don’t have the requisite experience and equipment. Because of this, it is not recommended to attempt on your own. You will find ladder falls and other accidents very common among those who attempt to do it alone. If you are planning on cleaning your gutters, it would be in your best interest to hire a professional to handle it for you. A professional who is covered by insurance can protect you. You can also invest in a protection system to avoid needing to clean your gutters so frequently.

How Do You Clean Gutters That Are Too High Up?

If you have either a two or three-story home, you will want to opt to hire a professional to handle it for you. Likewise, you could invest in a protection system to avoid needing to clean it as much.

Gutter Cleaning Austin TX
Gutter Cleaning Austin TX

How Often Should It Be Done?

Ideally, you will clean your gutters both in the fall and the spring. During the fall months, you will likely be dealing with a lot of debris that can clog up your gutters including fallen leaves and acorns. Whereas, in the spring you will likely be dealing with pollen, flowers, and more. In the Austin area specifically, you will be dealing with pine needles year-round. Because of this, you will typically need to clean your gutters much more frequently.

If I Don’t Want To Do It, Who Can Clean My Gutters?

When you are opting to hire someone to handle the cleaning of your gutters for you, be certain you hire someone that is properly insured. that way, you will be able to protect yourself. If you hire someone not insured, you would be at risk for being sued if they get hurt and any accidents won’t be covered by your homeowner’s insurance.

How Much Does It Cost?

You will find that the cost to get your gutters cleaned will amount to several hundreds of dollars each year. However, it will primarily depend on the overall size of your home. If your home is larger and if it’s more complex of a gutter system, you will have to spend more on it.

How Do I Keep My Gutters Functioning Without Cleaning?

If you are looking to avoid having to get frequent cleanings, you should be investing in a complete gutter protection system.

GutterShutter – Avoid Paying For Gutter Cleaning Again

GutterShutter is the absolute best gutter protection system you will find. It features a complete cover with no openings, screens, or filters. It takes the hassle out of having to worry about getting your gutters cleaned. It uses liquid adhesion to efficiently and effectively capture all of the roof water without the associated debris. This allows you to avoid having to spend hundreds every year on cleaning and eliminate the hassle of needing to do it yourself.

Gutterilla’s All-In-One Seamless Gutter & Cover System in Austin TX
GutterShutter All-In-One Seamless Gutter & Cover System in Austin TX

When you install this new or replacement gutter system, you will be able to get a lifetime warranty on it. The system is built to maintain its shape for years. It won’t pull away from your home which can cause issues like sagging and other issues. If you do experience any of these issues, it will be covered under warranty at no cost to you.

Do Gutters With Guards Need To Be Cleaned?

While you may have to clean some gutter guards, this particular system has no maintenance required. After all, it has no filters or screens to worry about. To learn more about Gutterilla’s GutterShutter system, you can read about how it differs from others.

Gutter Cleaning Under Covers in Austin-TX

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