Review – Gutter Cover Options

Gutter Hood Covers that Go Under Your Roof Shingles

These covers can void roof warranties and are just hard to look at.

Micro Mesh Screens 

This category of gutter covers have never worked well long term. All types of debris create clogs in the screen: roof granules, tree sap, pollen, fungus, decaying leaves, and much more! Plus screens are expensive for all the maintenance required. 

LeafGuard LeafFilter Screen Austin TX
LeafGuard LeafFilter Screen Austin TX

Gutter Screens from Big Box Stores

Plastic screens let debris into your gutters and the screens clog as well. Then to clean out the gutters you have to remove the screens, clean the gutters and screens, and put everything back together. Then you have to repeat this every so many months. Or if you are lucky, the screens will just blow out and away during a heavy rain and wind storm. 

Home Depot Lowes Gutter Screen Austin TX
Home Depot Lowes Gutter Screen Austin TX

Gutter Foam or Brush Products

These affordable seeming sponges will clog quickly and simply don’t work. Putting foam wedges or large pipe cleaners in you gutter will become clogged and brittle. This is a short term gimmick to a permanent problem.

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