What homeowners need to know about gutter covers.

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Questions and Answers about Gutter Covers

  • Do I have to clean my gutter covers?
  • How long will gutter covers last?
  • Are gutter covers effective?
  • What is the cost of installing gutter covers?
  • Is it advisable to get covers?
  • Can the use of gutter covers cause problems?
  • Is there any clogging with Gutterilla’s GutterShutter?
  • What kind of Warranty is available at Gutterilla?

The answers to all of the FAQ above is here.

Find the ideal gutter covers for you.

Gutter covers have an important functional role of maintaining proper drainage of runoff water from the roof to areas far from the vicinity of the foundation of the house. Additionally, gutter covers are an important maintenance feature for house gutters to trap unwanted debris, leaves and other material that clog the gutter and the drain pipes and reduce the number of times we have to clean the gutters.

Selecting the appropriate gutter covers can be painstakingly challenging and confusing especially if you live in Austin where the environmental conditions are distinct and there are many alternatives for gutter protection in the market.

Much as all gutter covers are designed for a singular objective, not all gutter covers are efficient and dependable for the intended purposes. To the contrary, many customers are frustrated by unnecessary repair / replacements costs to unclog defective gutters and drainpipes and as well as house foundations.

Following interaction with our customers, most clients want to know if indeed gutter covers work, the useful life of gutter covers (after how long will they need replacement?) and the best maintenance plans on how to clean gutter, among other important questions.

Here, we want to shed more light on how to select the best installation services for gutter covers and services in Austin. We discuss common challenges homeowners face when selecting the best Austin gutter cover installation company. We also address most of the frequently asked queries by our customer base and more.

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What are gutter covers?

You may have heard of the big names like Leaf Filter, Leaf Guard, Gutter Maxx, Leaf Blaster, Gutter Glove, LeafLock, SnapLock, & GutterHelmet.

Appreciating the role of gutter covers is the 1st step in our journey to determine the ideal gutter cover for your house based on the size, type and architectural design of the house and the local weather patterns where the house is located.

A gutter cover is an innovative product in the form of a mesh material that is fixed on top of gutters to trap unwanted matter such as leaves and branches, debris and grit from the roof and allowing rainwater to fall on the trough of the gutter for direction.

Among many roles of gutter covers, they should help the homeowner reduce the frequency of cleaning the gutter system including the drainpipe to remove clogging material like debris and leaves. Gutter covers are designed to make sure the entire gutter drainage system function flawlessly is required.

What materials can clog gutters?

The guttering system is a housing design that has existed for thousands of years to safeguard the housing structure from damage caused by rainwater. Sadly, without a covers, gutters collect rainwater together with washed-up materials ranging from leaves to small rocks and soil particles. With time, most of these materials get stuck and build up within the gutter hindering water flow.

Additionally, it is important to note that the climatic and the environmental setting of the area affects the nature, type and quantity of clogging materials.

Clogging materials common in Austin include:

  • Fragmented shingles
  • Cones and Needles from Pine
  • Tassels from Oaks
  • Leaves
  • Materials from bird’s nests
  • Minute critters
  • Debris
  • Acorns
  • Grit from the roofing surface material of the house
  • Muck solution and mud
  • Twigs and small branches
  • Seeds and small seedlings
  • Insect Hives

Unique considerations for the environment of central Texas

As obvious as it may seem to some, it is important to note the local weather patterns and the environmental conditions of where the house is situated greatly affects the design and the functionality of the gutter guards.

Large gutters are less likely to flood and overflow for houses located in those states that experience rather steady or low rainfall. In such states, you are more likely to find a proliferation of small gutters in their market for gutters.

In Austin, however, the case is different. If you have never lived in Austin, you can be sure of these three distinct occurrences to the local weather patterns:

  1. Temperatures and climates can change within a very short time,
  2. Summers are hot and the air is humid, and
  3. There are many periods of steady, heavy and long rains throughout the year

The environmental condition in Central TX is unique because:

  • Strong Rainfall: In Austin, we experience very intense rainfall with heavy thunderstorms. You should expect large and heavy amounts of rain bombarding our roofs within a short period. For this reason, the ideal gutters of a typical house in Austin must be adequate in volume and remain clog-free throughout the year to ensure water runoff from the roof is drained as swiftly as possible and avert gutter overflow.
  • Catkin Tassels: Catkin tassels are tiny plant bits that are dropped by tress before the development of the leaves. Catkin tassels are small enough to block the meshwork or the screen on gutter and gutter covers. Catkin Tassels is an environmental concern that requires many homeowners in Austin to repeatedly and comprehensively clean and unclogs gutter covers more often.

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