RainDrop Guard for Existing Gutters

RainDrop Gutter Guard in Austin TX
RainDrop Gutter Guard in Austin TX

If replacing your existing gutters with the GutterShutter all-in-one solution is not right for you, we understand. The RainDrop Gutter Guard System is the next best solution to protecting your gutters from debris and clogging.

While we love the GutterShutter system, we understand that some people just want to keep their existing gutters. If you have half-round copper gutters, or box style gutters, you chose the gutter because you love that look!

RainDrop is our solution when GutterShutter is not an option. While RainDrop won’t solve sagging or overflow issues, it can keep you from having to clean your gutters.

What do you need to know about RainDrop?

RainDrop is Tough Stuff!

RainDrop is made out of polypropylene which is durable and resilient. It won’t dent, crush, peel or warp. Polypropylene is what car bumpers are made out of.

Designed for Performance

RainDrop is a sloped grid that breaks self-cohesion of water droplets, instantly forcing rain water into the gutter trough.

Unlike metal mesh designs – which keep almost everything out of the gutter, including water – the aperture of the RainDrop grid prevents large debris from clogging the gutter while allowing small debris to sweep through.

Engineered for Easy Maintenance

Other guards lay flat to manage water. Raindrop is made to be installed with a slope as a continuation of the roof. This pitch keeps debris moving off of the gutter instead of being left on the gutter guard.

Unaffected by Extreme Texas Roof Temperatures

Since RainDrop has UV stabilizers woven into the polypropylene, it is heat resistant. The dark charcoal color soaks in the heat and is resists damage. When other materials would break, RainDrop polypropylene bends and bounces back (even from large debris hitting it).

Long Term Value

Raindrop comes with a 20-Year Warranty. It pays for itself in a few years by eliminating the costs and dangers of constantly having to clean gutters.

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